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May 21st, 2015

This week: Fun fact about this page, I have had nurses/doctors tell me pretty much verbatim the first part of Larry's trainer's healing advice when I came to them with fingers sprained and/or mashed under heavy falling animation table parts... I have no idea if it's true or not, but it stuck with me! XD (fortunately no health professionals have ever mentioned the second half...)

Phew! Back to work after TCAF was brutal (as it usually is!) But I still want to do a little write-up or something.... if I can squeeze in some time soon... XD

Don't forget that there's a Fey Winds Tumblr! I've also got my art blog tumblr as well. I'm a bit busy with work to be able to do a lot of sketching, but I try to post progress shots and unrelated drawings there regularly too.

Also, Donny has graciously whipped up a Fey Winds facebook page, so go forth and like it, and poke it and stuff! (that's what people do on facebook, right?!) So thanks Donny!! Just remember: I'm not on Facebook myself, the best way to ask me something is in the shoutbox, by email (feywinds (at) gmail.com, since my previous email is getting tagged as spam for a lot of people when I try to reply T_T) or on twitter as things stand now!

<3 Nicole

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