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August 27th, 2015

This week: Next update I'll try to find some suitably epic music for this door, so as to get the full effect!

PSA: I'm going to have to take things slow art-wise in the next while, since my drawing hand is hurting these days and I want to give it a chance to heal by working fewer hours outside of the day job. In practice it means there might be late pages in the near future, but hopefully that's all! :)

Also, I haven't mentioned this yet since I was in limbo for most of July, but look for me at Fan Expo 2015 in Toronto, in just under a month! I'll be sharing a table with the amazing Crystal Yates and I will have copies of Fey Winds, the Valor Anthology and the Shattered Starlight preview comic! (Along with prints and buttons and probably sketch commissions too!) See you there!!

In other news, I made a very very placeholder website for Shattered Starlight, where I've got an RSS if you want to keep updated on the comic, and a link to my new Gumroad page, in case you don't feel like waiting for the web version and want the PDF of the prologue comic I was selling at TCAF this year. (The prologue comic will become the first pages of the webcomic when I start officially updating sometime later this year!)

Don't forget that there's a Fey Winds Tumblr! I've also got my art blog tumblr as well. I'm a bit busy with work to be able to do a lot of sketching, but I try to post progress shots and unrelated drawings there regularly too.

Also, Donny has graciously whipped up a Fey Winds facebook page, so go forth and like it, and poke it and stuff! (that's what people do on facebook, right?!) So thanks Donny!! Just remember: I'm not on Facebook myself, the best way to ask me something is by email (feywinds (at) gmail.com, since my previous email is getting tagged as spam for a lot of people when I try to reply T_T) or on twitter!

<3 Nicole

PS: Vote bait this week is a sketch of a certain coffee shop that will feature prominently in a certain angry magical comic I'm working on!

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